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Mitas Sport Force + Track/Pista
16184758 Inviato: 18 Set 2020 17:27
Oggetto: Mitas Sport Force + Track/Pista


I live in Scandinavia and the Mitas Sport Force + tires are unknown here, I have never heard anybody use them and I didn't know there where a tire manufacturer called Mitas utantill a couple of months ago..

I am searching for new tires that I will use on my dedicated track bike (only track not road legale), I bought the bike this year and have used the tires that it came with.

I donīt drive in the fastest group and my current pace is 10 seconds slower than the fastest drivers in the fast group.

I have a friend that uses Michelin Pilot Power 3 and currently he is able to rider around 1 second faster than me simply because my rear tire slips when I push more.

Question 1;
What would you recommend for tire pressure if used on track for the Mitas, I use tire warmers and they make the tire 80*c

Question 2:
How would the Mitas Sport Force + compare with these tires I am only looking for dry grip performance.

Michelin Pilot Power 3
Michelin Pilot power 2CT
Bridgestone Batallax BT 016 Pro
metzeler m7rr
Rosso corsa 2
Supercorsa SP

I have read this thread but i cant find the answers i am looking for
Nuovi pneumatici Mitas Sport Force [ Pareri e discussioni ]

My Italian is very bad....You can reply in Italian if you want to i will use Google Translate...
16184776 Inviato: 18 Set 2020 21:11

Hello , "Mitas 675" and 0509_welcome.gif to the forum ! icon_smile.gif
First of all , excuse me if i will make some mistakes .
My English is not so good .
My honest opinion is : you should get a good choice with the Pirelli Supercorsa , thinking about your needs .
Sport Force Tyres are a very good value for money choice , but on track maybe you will find better performances with the other one .
I appreciated really very much the Mitas on my Versys 1000 , using it only on road .
Some friends rode few times on track with the Sport Force , and just the lowest ones had good feedback .
The fastest ones found the rear tyre a bit slippery , especially with summer temperatures .
If you own a Street Triple , as it seems looking at your nick name , you should mind that the Pirellis are the standard set on the "RS" model , too .
Another good reason to choice them , for me .
Last but not least , the SP model would not need to be warmed up with tyre warmers .
As every sporting road tyre , riding on track will need just a lap ( more or less - depending by your experience ) of not so fast going to warm up them properly .

doppio_lamp_naked.gif doppio_lamp_naked.gif
16184835 Inviato: 19 Set 2020 10:31

Hi, and thank you!

I drive a 2006 Daytona 675, standard engine no modifications and it has around 125 hp.

Here where I live it dosen't really get so hot, last track day it was 18*C and there was no sun... Only in the middle of summer it can get maximum 27*C with full sun and thats only a couple a days per summer.

Thats why I am considering using a sport road tire since last track day i struggled to hold the right pressures on my slick....

Since you have used the Mitas on your Versys 1000, how would you compare them with:

Worst dry grip
1. Bridgestone Batallax BT 016 Pro
2. Michelin Pilot power 2CT
3. Michelin Pilot Power 3
4. Metzeler m7rr
5. Rosso corsa 2
6. Supercorsa SP

Best dry grip

Do you think that you could rank the tires above from worst----->Best and place the Mitas in there also?
16184871 Inviato: 19 Set 2020 16:56

As you surely know , motorcycle tyres are like shoes .
Maybe we use the same foot number , but don' t like ( and don' t feel in the same way ) the same shoe model .
Someone likes very much ( just as an example ) Michelin products and hates Dunlop ones .
At the same time , someone else hates Dunlop ones and loves Michelin Tyres .
And i believe every rider finds out this with personal experiences only .
Mitas Sport Force Plus ( just as another example , too ) generally gives good feedback to riders who likes Dunlop Tyres too ( maybe for similar strong structures and profiles ) .
I will give you my personal preference about dry grip about some of the models i tested ( some on my own bikes , others on friends' s ones ) .
But i think you should not take my list as the best for your needs .
However :

1) Michelin 2 CT ;
2) Michelin Pilot Power 3 ;
3) BT 016 Pro ;
4) M7 RR ;
5) Sport Force Plus ;
6) Supercorsa SP .

I have never tested the Rosso Corsa 2 model .

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