Very Happy Smile Sad Mr. Green Shocked Confused Cool Laughing
ASD Razz Embarassed Crying or Very sad Rolling Eyes Wink Exclamation Question
Arrow Neutral Applause d'oh! Drool Liar Shame on you Anxious
Think Brick wall Whistle Rotfl Evil or Very Mad Twisted Evil DoppioOk Mitra
Up Down Abbraccio Five Pernacchia Piango Amici Campione
Ciauz Banana PauraEh Vergognati Help Inchino Picchia Welcome
Molto divertente tie Lamps Doppio Lamp Naked Dancing Silenced Idea Pray
Not talking Angel Speak to the hand Sick Boo hoo! Shhh Boxed Dito
Marlowe Dorme Confused Sgrat Guarda ve! Leggi Si Surprised
Mad Eh? Chiudi Doppio Lamp Green Pat Pat
Chiudi finestra

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